May 2002 News

Militants Get Night Vision Devices, Better Weapons

30 May 2002
The Hindustan Times
Vishal Thapar

New Delhi: Pakistan has upgraded the arms and training it gives to militants who strike in Jammu and Kashmir. This, intelligence agencies say, could be part of the preparation for war. Arrests of infiltrating terrorists and intelligence reports have revealed that terrorists are now armed with night vision devices, sniper rifles, rocket launchers and even mortars, besides the ubiquitous Kalashnikov. A meticulous system is in place at the ISI Directorate to meet the terrorists'' ''requirements'' for Chinese Pikka machine guns, rocket projectile guns (RPGs), automatic grenade launchers and the US-made Kenwood Communication Systems. Such equipment is generally used by regular army battalions. ''Of late, the guerrillas have been trained to fire missiles, lay mines, launch assaults and hold ground like an advancing infantry battalion,'' a source said. A document with the Hindustan Times reveals how well-oiled this replenishment chain is. It is an acknowledgement by Waleed, the Muzaffarabad-based ''commander-in-chief'' of the Al-Jehad Mujahideen, of the weapons and money provided by the ISI''s ''Supply Janbaz'', the logistics section which feeds the terrorists. In his letter to Lt-Col Abdul Rehman, operational commander of Supply Janbaz, Waleed acknowledges the receipt of 400 AK rifles, 200 Light Machine Guns (LMGs), 50 Pikka guns, 100 rocket launchers and 100 night vision goggles among an array of weaponry and ammunition. He confirms to his ISI mentor that the consignment, along with Rs 26 lakh in Indian currency was received at Khurshid Abd, Samahni and Khoi Ratta terrorist launching pads on April 25, 2002. He also asks for Rs 20 lakh of fake Indian currency. * Arms and men * Night vision goggles * Sniper sight units * Chinese Pikka machine guns * Kenwood (U.S.) communication systems


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