June 2002 News

Foreign ultras flood valley

2 June 2002
The Statesman
H Bula Devi

New Delhi: Pakistan is aiming to flood Kashmir with foreign militants who — in the event of a war — will try to choke Indian forces through sabotage, while a frontal assault is mounted by Pak regular troops. In the past three months, 75 per cent of the ultras Pakistan managed to send in to the Valley were foreigners. Last Thursday, Pakistani interior minister Mr Moinuddin Haider denied having terrorist training camps in Pakistan and dared Delhi divulge the extent of infiltration. The Army’s figures reveal that in March 2000, of 103 infiltrators, 71 were foreigners. For the same month in 2001, 65 were foreigners out of 115 intruders and this year it’s 100 out of 132. This, despite a snow-bound Srinagar, strong build-up on the border and pressure on Pakistan from the international community. For May 2000, as many as 221 were foreigners ouf of 411 infiltrators. Next year, it’s 125 out of 179. This year, of 165 militants, 124 were foreigners. According to experts, foreign terrorists continue to be main perpetrators of militancy in the state. Kashmir watchers say Gen Pervez Musharraf is pursuing a two-pronged policy by “extending an helping hand” to the USA in its war against terrorism while making Pakistan a safe haven for militants from outfits such as Al-Qaida, Harkat-ul-Muja-hideen, Lashkar-e-Taiyaba and Jaish-e-Mohammed, as well as for the Taliban. These militants were moved from the federally administered FATA areas to Baluchistan, north-west frontier and then to Pak-occupied Kashmir. By pushing these ultras into Kashmir now, the General has not only been able to protect them from the attacks of Western troops, he has also been successful in his Kashmir policy by flooding the Valley with foreigners.


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