June 2002 News

Simla pact only solution to J&K: US

4 June 2002
The Times of India

Washington DC: Virtually ruling out any intervention on Kashmir issue, the US has said that it was a ''bilateral issue'' involving India and Pakistan and could only be solved as per the Simla Agreement. ''Under the Simla accord of 1972, both India and Pakistan determined that the question of Kashmir was a bilateral issue, so if it is to be solved, it will be solved bilaterally,'' Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage said in an interview to CNN. Commenting on the US''s role in resolving the Kashmir issue while ''taking a side'', Armitage said, ''I guess it is theoretically possible but it is difficult.'' However, he said it could be solved with the assistance and encouragement of the international community, including the US and the UK.


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