June 2002 News

British Muslims send huge funds to Kashmiri terrorists

9 June 2002
The Hindu

London: Pakistan-based Kashmiri terrorist groups are being funded to the tune of 5 million a year by British Muslims, The Sunday Telegraph claimed today. On undercover visits to mosques in London last week, reporters of the daily found clerics openly proclaiming how money was being channelled to ''freedom fighters'' in Kashmir. Another sympathiser claimed it was ''easy'' to send money to terrorists whom he described as ''our fighting brothers''. The evidence of clandestine support for the Kashmiri terror organisations backs up claims in a report submitted to the British Foreign secretary, Jack Straw, by his Indian counterpart, Jaswant Singh, in New Delhi two week ago. Meanwhile, at the Regent''s Park mosque in London, funds have been raised for the Kashmiri ''freedom fighters''. The report quoted Abu Hamza, the Imam, saying that if funds were raised for terrorism, he would support it. ''These people are defending their Islamic brothers,'' he said. PTI.


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