June 2002 News

Pak wiping out Kashmiris from PoK

11 June 2002
The Tribune
Yogendra Bali

New Delhi: OVER the years Pakistan has steadily colonised the portion of Kashmir illegally occupied by it in 1947 with Punjabi Muslims of Pakistan and forced the original Kashmir population either to flee or seek refuge in places outside PoK. As of now more than two-third population of the PoK is non-Kashmiri. The Hindu Kashmiris have been reduced to zero through mass murder and aggression and the original Muslim Kashmiris to less than 9 per cent. About 80 per cent of the leaders of the two dozen odd militant jehadi organisations operating from the PoK are non-Kashmiris and a chain of nearly 100 training camps within the PoK and other parts of Pakistan, photographs of some of which have been recently shown on television, are manned by non-Kashmiri “commanders”, mostly Punjabi Pakistanis and hired foreign mercenaries who describe themselves as “mujahideen”. This clearly indicates that while Pakistan has carried on a proxy war against Kashmir and India across the LoC, it has also carried on a steady elimination of the Kashmiris in the Pak-held area of Kashmir. This is the cleverest case of genocide which needs to be looked into by world human rights organisations as well as the International Court of Justice. If one compare the situation in the areas of Kashmir forcibly occupied by the tribal raiders and the Pakistan armed forces in 1947 soon after the Partition of India with the present time one can realise the gravity of the continuing demographic aggression and steady elimination of the Kashmiri population of the PoK. On top of all this the PoK has also become an international base camp for the fundamentalist terrorists, trained for export to any and every part of the world, besides its major target, Indian territory of Kashmir across the LoC. There are some simple truths which the international community needs to know about how Pakistan has been plotting a demographic deceit in Pak-occupied Kashmir. It is important to be able to see behind the claims of Pak-sponsored campaign of militancy and terror in the name of Kashmiris for whom the leaders of Pakistan have neither real sympathy nor even ethnic affinity. At the time of the Pak-sponsored aggression by the “raiders”, who were tribesmen of non-Pakistan and non-Kashmiri origin, led by regular officers of the Pakistan army in civilian clothes, the total area of the Jammu and Kashmir state was 2,22,236 sq km. Of this, despite the UN resolution, Pakistan refused to clear an area of 78,114 sq km which remained under the illegal occupation of the “raiders” and the Pakistani military to begin with. Then in a covert deal, Pakistan handed over 5,180 sq km of this territory illegally to China. In the illegally occupied territory are areas closest to the Pakistani territory of Pothuwar. Rawalpandi and Islamabad being part of the Pathuar region. The people of this region of Pakistan, who have been the undercover agents of the trans-border incursions and militancy in Kashmir, are neither ethnically, nor linguistically Kashmiris.


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