June 2002 News

No fall in terror influx on LoC: Army

14 June 2002
The Asian Age

Mendhar (on the LoC): The Indian Army has categorically stated that there has been no decline in the pattern of infiltration from across the border as compared to the previous years over the last six months. The Army commanders looking after operations along the Line of Control have further stated that it will take at least three to six months to see whether there is any change in the infiltration pattern as has been promised by Pakistan President Gen. Pervez Musharraf. The Army has also pointed out that the procurement of technically sophisticated equipment like sensors to check infiltration will help check the exercise but will not be a solution to the problem. Speaking to reporters here on Thursday, the Commander of 16 Corps, Lieutenant General J.B.S. Yadava, said, ''We are not against de-escalation but for that the cross-border terrorism being exported from across the LoC has to stop and infiltration has to be checked by the Pakistani authorities.'' Meanwhile, shelling from both sides of the LoC continues unabated. He added that the use of surveillance devices has checked infiltration to a certain extent. ''So far we have had no physical contact with Al Qaeda. There are reports of infiltration having taken place but it is yet to be seen whether the members are from Al Qaeda.'' He also asserted that at the moment the terrorists across the border are lying low. ''But the same thing happened in September and later in December and has happened now as well,'' he said, adding that this is a temporary stance taken by them. General officer commanding of 25 Div. Randhir Singh, reiterating Lt. Gen. Yadava’s stand, said the maximum infiltration that can be controlled is between 30 and 35 per cent. Addressing a query, he said, ''There is no reason for the UN to monitor the LoC from our side. If they have to do it, they should do it from the other side as infiltration is taking place from there.'' Lt. Gen. J.B.S. Yadava said there have been no engagements with the Al Qaeda cadre in his area, but referred to intelligence reports that point at Al Qaeda presence in the Valley.


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