June 2002 News

Musharraf sacks ISI''s Kashmir division head

29 June 2002
The Times of India

London: Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf has sacked a senior officer heading the ISI''s Kashmir division as part of a shake-up intended to curb support to militants fighting in Jammu and Kashmir. The Officer, Brigadier Abdullah, has been removed after Musharraf promised the US this month that he would stop the militants crossing over to Jammu and Kashmir, The Times, daily, reported on Saturday from Islamabad. As head of the agency''s Kashmir division, the brigadier was the main handler of the Pakistani-based Islamic militant organisation, it said. Quoting sources close to the government the report said Abdullah''s removal was part of the revamping of the agency as Musharraf tries to shift from a policy of backing militancy in Kashmir to supporting the separatists'' political struggle. The militants who have long depended on Pakistan army''s support for their cross-border guerrilla actions, see General Musharraf''s move as a setback to the separatist struggle. The latest changes, according to the report, in the agency followed reports that it was not fully co- operating with Musharraf''s new policy. The military authorities deny that there has been any conflict of views, but some observers believe that Brigadier Abdullah''s removal signified a drastic change in approach, the report said.


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