July 2002 News

UJC has no authority to dictate terms to Hurriyat: Mirwaiz

4 July 2002
The Daily Excelsior

Srinagar: A few individual constituents of Hurriyat have attacked the umbrella organisation of Pakistan-based militant outfit for challenging them to make public its stand on elections in Jammu and Kashmir or quit, saying it had no authority to dictate terms. ''We donít take dictation from anybody ó neither we do things on Indian dictates nor Pakistani or anybody else. Whatever decision we take will be in accordance with the need of the hour'', former chairman of Hurriyat Mirwaiz Umar Farooq said, in response to the challenge thrown by United Jihad Council (UJC). The constituents of the 23-party amalgam made their views known on UJCís call even before formulating a common position which is expected to be taken at a meeting of the Executive Council later. ''APHC wonít be guided by anyone. We are open to suggestions but we wonít be guided by anyone'', he said, adding APHC is a political forum, whatever we feel is needed for strengthening the movement, we will do it''. Echoing the statement of Mirwaiz, another top executive member of Hurriyat Moulana Mohammad Abbas Ansari said UJC has its own job and we have our own strategy. ''Neither we are obliged to agree to their dictates nor they to ours'', he added. Abbas Ansari said the struggle of UJC is with gun whereas APHC believed and practiced political struggle. ''UJC canít go for dictations as far as APHC is concerned. Yes, they are our own people, but let everybody note that we donít function on anybodyís orders'', Ansari said, adding ''even if Pakistan tries to dictate terms, we will not agree''. ''We are neither under the control of Pakistan nor America. We take our own decisions'', Abbas Ansari asserted. Another Hurriyat executive member and son of assassinated Abdul Ghani Lone, Bilal Ghani Lone, questioned the UJC statement saying people boycott polls on their own to protest the unresolved Kashmir issue. ''Irresponsible statements from non-political elements will only dilute the sanctity of the boycott'', he said. Apparently referring to the UJC chairman and Hizbul Mujahideen supremo Syed Salahuddin, Bilal said ''if anybody is keen to come here and enforce boycott of election, I will concede my place.'' ''Hurriyat needs senior people. Especially after the death of his father,'' he said. Syed Salahuddin Sahib is most welcome provided he comes here and enforces what he wants to enforce. We assure him of our full support''.


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