July 2002 News

PoK based Hizbul leaders sabotaged cease-fire: Dar

5 July 2002
The Daily Excelsior

Srinagar: Deposed chief commander of dominant Kashmiri militant outfit, Hizbul Mujahideen, Abdul Majid Dar, today blamed the PoK-based leadership of the outfit responsible for de-railment of the ceasefire in July 2000. ''When I announced the ceasefire on the directions of the leadership from across the border the situation took a turn for worse overnight. Across the border, secret meetings and discussions took place which ultimately led to the withdrawal of the ceasefire’’, Dar told a local daily here. He said there was unanimity in Hizbul Mujahideen for ceasefire as ''we had taken the step after due thought and I was deputed to Kashmir from across the border to consult the commanders here. After completing my mission, I was asked to announce the ceasefire from across the border.'' ''And when I did that, the situation took a turn for worse overnight, across the border secret meetings and discussions took place .... I cannot make public the stark realities ... For which I was left high and dry alone’’, he said. He said ''time will come when all the stark realities will come to the fore ... Before the people... And they will decide who was guilty and who was not’’. When I called for ceasefire, India was under tremendous international pressure, he said, adding ''it is my faith that if the people had used wisdom that time the situation would have been different today. But unfortunately, we often come under influence and harm ourselves. That time too that happened and the plan was sabotaged'', he said. Dar said there was neither any misgivings in his mind at that time (ceasefire) nor today. ''I had visualised the changes which were taking place in Pakistan and at international political scene. I was feeling the changes'', he added. Apparently referring to the dictates of PoK-based supremo of Hizbul Mujahideen, Syed Salahuddin, Dar said ''I am present in Kashmir, which is a battle field. I am answerable to the god as well as the people of Kashmir. I am neither talking in free atmosphere nor do I dictate terms. I am in touch with those who are moving hungry and thirsty in jungle only because they want an honourable place for the people of Kashmir''. However, he said, he has no regret for being dismissed from the post of chief commander of the outfit and said ''it is a reality, whether anybody accepts it or not, that India has an upper hand, both at political level and at militancy-front in Kashmir because of our mistakes and self-centreness''. The dismissed commander said he has no intention to take part in the next poll to the State Assembly putting at rest speculation about his participation in the October election. ''I have no intention to take part in any election process, nor have I yet decided to join any political front'', Dar said. ''I cannot become killer of Kashmiris. For the last thirteen years, I, at the risk of my life, struggling. How can it be that for personal benefits and facilities I can water the hopes and aspirations of Kashmiris'', he added. Dar, a dry cleaner by profession, said when he deserted home he had a mission in front of him. ''The same mission is in front of me even today despite changing situations....'' In reply to a question about the proposed Assembly poll, he said ''my own friends are busy in tarnishing my image and Indian media is also after me.'' ''As far as election is concerned, my mind is clear. It will prove as a futile attempt unless India changes its attitude and initiate a comprehensive dialogue so that an acceptable solution could be found to the Kashmir issue which is the basic problem and the reason for the present turmoil in the border State. ''Can election solve the Kashmir problem for India''?, Dar asked and said ''no, not at all.’’ New Delhi will have to face more dangerous situation in Kashmir tomorrow... In times to come. Maybe India might not have the same position as it is enjoying at present'', he said. ''It is in the interests of India too that they should not think that first aid of election as the treatment of cancer (Kashmir problem)'', Dar said. However, he also told the militants wielding the guns that ''gun is no solution to any problem. After all the problems are resolved at the negotiating tables''. But at the same time, he advised New Delhi to ''understand this ... Gun is no solution to any problem'', Dar said, adding ''without fulfilling wishes and aspirations of Kashmiris India cannot cool the volcano of Kashmir''. He said both India and Pakistan shall have to adopt a realistic approach to pave the road for resolution of the Kashmir issue. ''It is important for the Kashmiri leadership also to adopt a realistic approach''. Nobody should thrust solutions on Kashmir but the tragedy of Kashmir issue is that all the parties to the issue want to thrust their own solutions''. Dar said all the three parties — India, Pakistan and leadership of Kashmiris — are under tremendous international pressure today. ''There can be no better opportunity to resolve the Kashmir issue than at present and for everlasting solution it is necessary to make all the parties agree to hammer out a solution to the issue through dialogue.'' About Hurriyat Conference leadership. Dar said whenever they tried to take political initiatives for resolving the Kashmir issue they were labelled as ''horse traders''. He said Hurriyat as a representative forum failed to discharge its duties. Kashmir issue pertains to Kashmiris and they are the basic party to the issue. Kashmiris are struggling, and have rendered sacrifices and they should be treated as basic party to the issue, he said.


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