July 2002 News

US seeks ways to ensure Pak ends infiltration

15 July 2002
The Times of India

Washington DC: Condemning the recent terrorist strike in Jammu, US has emphasised that terrorism should end and said it is looking for ways to ensure that Pakistan carries out its pledge to stop infiltration and close terrorist training camps. Condemning the killing of 28 people at Kasim Nagar near Jammu over the weekend, State Department spokesman Richard Boucher said on Monday the US have been very clear that the terrorism and killing of innocents needs to stop. Though US views that the infiltrations across the LoC are down significantly, ''we are continuing to look for ways to continue the momentum so that the Pakistanis carry out the pledge to make that permanent and to eliminate camps,'' he said. Secretary of State Colin Powell, said Boucher, will be taking that up when he goes ten days from now to the region. ''And we continue to push in the meantime for further steps,'' he added. Boucher, warned that the heinous attacks like the one near Jammu make it much more difficult to resolve the crisis. ''We have made quite clear that these kinds of attacks are heinous and they prove, really, that those who carry them out don''t have the best interests of the Kashmiri people at heart, because it makes it much more difficult to resolve this situation through dialogue. And we have made quite clear our condemnation of this sort of attack.''


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