August 2002 News

Kashmiris in PoK want Pak to stop infiltration

19 August 2002
The Pioneer
Rahul Datta

New Delhi: Kashmiris living in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) as second class citizens want an immediate end to cross-border infiltration into Jammu and Kashmir and dismantling of terrorist camps. They hailed Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee''s suggestion to open visa offices for Kashmiris. They have also urged that a global network for an intra-Kashmir dialogue should be set up. Moreover, people of different streams of thoughts and ideology regarding Kashmir should be invited to participate in the deliberations. Criticising Pakistan''s role in fomenting trouble in Jammu and Kashmir, they said the ISI was trying a new tactic of regrouping political dissidents and militants under one umbrella. Almost all the terrorist camps were in so-called Azad Kashmir and the insurgents were 90 per cent non- Kashmiris and religious parties were setting the agenda. These frank and forthright views formed part of a resolution passed by the United Kashmir Peoples National Party(UKPNP) in a seminar in Switzerland last week. The party comprises of members hailing from the POK. The resolution passed unanimously said violence in Jammu and Kashmir should end and use of the gun from all sides should be stopped. Hailing Mr Vajpayee''s suggestion to open visa offices on the borders for Kashmiris on both sides, the participants said Pakistan rejected it.They said General Pervez Musharraf cannot stop terrorism in the State for the simple reason that he was supporting them till yesterday. They said Pakistan''s ban on terrorist organisations like Lashkar-e-Toiba and Jaish-e-Mohammad was a half-hearted effort. There was a time when United Jehad Council headed by Syed Salahuddin supported the Hurriyat Conference but the Council is now against the Hurriyat, they said. They were of the opinion that moderate voices were silenced in the valley and Abdul Ghani Lone was an example of this phenomenon. He was killed as he opposed Pakistan''s role in creating mayhem in the State. Lone had also supported elections in the State when he met Pakistanis in Sharjah a few days before he was gunned down. Blaming the Pakistani ruling elite for connecting all issues to the Kashmir issue, the participants said a global group should be formed to carry the task of dialogue ahead. The UKPNP must take the initiative by building pressure groups in India and Pakistan. The moderate forces there have to be taken into confidence for this delicate task, they opined. The resolution passed unanimously urged the Indian and Pakistani governments to enter into a dialogue for the final settlement of the Kashmir issue. Among those who took part in the deliberations included Sardar Shaukat Ali Kashmiri, Sayed Maqbul Kazimi, Mohammad Abdullah Raina, Gulnawaz Khan, Tahir Naseem Manhas, Chaudhary Mohammad Mushtaq, Khalid Jehangir, Professor Riyaz Punjabi, Mumtaz Khan and Dr. K.N.Pandita.


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