August 2002 News

Terrorist incursions in Kashmir possible: Musharraf

19 August 2002
The Hindustan Times

Islamabad: Rogue Islamic terrorists may still be crossing the Line of Control into Jammu and Kashmir Pakistan''s President Pervez Musharraf has said. ''The possibility is there... It''s like the Afghan border, only much worse,'' Musharraf told AFP in an exclusive interview at his official residence outside Islamabad on Monday night. ''Terrorists going across (a possibility)? Yes, sympathisers. A possibility of individual small groups going across is there, because when 700,000 troops of India can''t block the borders, how can they expect us to block the borders?'' However Musharraf, who is also Pakistan''s army chief, said there had been no large-scale or government-sponsored movement of Islamic terrorists over the Line of Control since he pledged to halt the incursions earlier this year.


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