August 2002 News

Militants warn Hurriyat against peace talks

20 August 2002
The Indian Express

Srinagar: The Hurriyat Conference has earned the wrath of a militant group for holding talks with Ram Jethmalani''s Kashmir Committee with the 23- party amalgam being told it was not ''competent'' to take important decisions without consulting the militant leadership. ''Hurriyat is a political platform recognised by the world. It has enormous responsibilities but Hurriyat at every crucial juncture takes decisions without consulting the militant leadership. It is unwise step as Hurriyat is not competent to take important decisions without consulting militant leadership,'' chief commander of Tehreek-e-Jehad Abdullah Bukhari said in a statement which appeared in local newspapers on Tuesday. Accusing Hurriyat of pursuing an ''ambiguous'' policy, Bukhari said Hurriyat should not adopt double standards and counseled it to have a clear cut, well-defined and undeviating policy. ''On one hand Hurriyat calls for boycott of elections but at this crucial juncture they talk of entering into dialogue with representatives of India, which is an unwise step bound to cause great harm to the ongoing freedom movement,'' he said. ''Negotiations at the time of elections means inviting people to participate in the elections,'' he said. Warning hurriyat, the militant commander said if hurriyat leadership think they will visit Pakistan and persuade the militant leadership for a ceasefire, then they are wrong. The militant commander also made a sensational disclosure that his Tehreek-e-Jehad was the ''master-mind'' behind the Kargil intrusion in 1999. ''Members of our outfit were the first to manage to occupy the empty Indian posts in Kargil and launched an open war,'' Bukhari said.


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