August 2002 News

Hizbul wary of Pak designs

28 August 2002
The Pioneer
Rahul Datta

New Delhi: The Hizbul Mujahideen militants operating from Jammu and Kashmir are angry with the Musharraf Government and Pakistan-based Hizbul leadership over their designs to disrupt the forthcoming elections in the State and getting innocent people killed. Some of the area commanders of the indigenous ultras outfit have voiced their concern over the threats issued by the Pakistan-based Hizb leader and head of United Jehad Council Syed Salahuddin and the ISI to the Hurriyat leaders against participation in polls. The Indian security agencies chanced upon this important development when communication between ultras operating in Kashmir and their brethren across the Line of Control (LoC) was intercepted a few days back, sources said here on Wednesday. The local fighters criticised the Pakistani agencies and Syed Salahuddin of doing nothing but giving lectures sitting in safe sanctuaries in Pakistan and getting innocent people killed. It was learnt that the foreign terrorists were given the responsibility of targetting candidates and unleash violence in the border state. The intercepts revealed that the Kashmiri militants admitted the fact that India gave much more freedom and liberty to the Kashmiris as compared to those living in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK), where they were treated as second-class citizens even after 50 years. In another significant development, reports indicated that Pakistan was selectively returning foreign terrorists who till now enjoyed state patronage. Pakistan recently sent back some of the Uzbek militants belonging to the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU). The repatriated militants included Ikhon Mamajanov and Hami-Dullah Kudratov, believed to be close to Juma Namangani and Tohir Yudashev. The two were trained in Al-Qaeda camps in Afghanistan to engineer mine explosions, sources said. Pakistan, however, has refused to extradite these two militants. They, along with many other militants, had crossed over to Pakistan after the US launched ''Operation Enduring Freedom'' in Afghanistan in October last. Most of the Al- Qaeda fighters were now safely lodged in south Waziristan and northern areas of PoK. With more than 1,000 FBI agents now engaged in the dangerous and painstaking task of hunting down the Al-Qaeda and Taliban fighters, Pakistan is under pressure to send back terrorists from Sudan, Chechnya, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Afraid to incur the wrath of international community, the military junta has handed over Abu Zubayda, a top Osama Bin Laden lieutenant and some other Al-Qaeda cadre of Somalian origin to the US agencies, sources said. Keen to nurture its bonds with China, Pakistan recently pushed back some militants into Chinese territory who were allegedly creating unrest in China.


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