August 2002 News

Musharraf gave timeframe to end infiltration: US

30 August 2002
The Indian Express

Washington DC: Rejecting President Pervez Musharraf''s claim that he had not given any timeframe to the international community on stopping infiltration in Jammu and Kashmir, US officials maintain that the Pakistani ruler not only pledged to end cross border terrorism permanently but also promptly and unconditionally. Though there was no official comment on Musharraf''s remarks in an interview to BBC on Thursday, US officials in briefings to American media given on condition of anonymity, said he pledged to US not only to end cross border terrorism into Kashmir permanently but to do so promptly and unconditionally. Musharraf in the interview said: ''We have not given anytime limits. I said nothing is happening across the Line of Control. But, of course one can imagine, unless there is some progress, some movement on Kashmir, some response and some reciprocation from the Indian side... How long will all this remain quiet for no movement on Kashmir?'' On the basis of information he received from US officials competent to speak authoritatively, The Washington Times and UPI''s editor at large Arnaud de Borchgrave wrote, ''Musharraf recently pledged to US Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage to permanently halt these infiltrations across the Line of Control as Pakistan''s contribution to lowering tension with India.'' But, says Borchgrave, ''Musharraf reneged—or ISI did for him—as accusations flew about the land that he had betrayed the sacred cause of Kashmir. At a closed meeting with Pakistan''s media editors, three newspaper editors called him coward to his face.''


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