September 2002 News

Terrorists planning to target newly elected MLAs In J&K

29 September 2002
The Hindustan Times

Jammu: Terrorists plan to target and kill newly elected members of Jammu and Kashmir, according to messages intercepted by intelligence agencies. A Defence Ministry release on Sunday said a recently intercepted message of terrorists read, ''Elections have finished and now you check about all those people who are going to become MLAs and members''. ''I have not understood. Tell me again,'' was the reply on the other end. ''After the elections those who have won, they need not go to the assembly. You kill them,'' the message said. Another intercept read, ''What about the elections?'' ''They have come to the village and are asking for votes,'' came the reply. ''Security forces or civilians?,'' the first voice asked. ''Civilians,'' the second replied. ''You kill some of them. They will not come again,'' the first voice said. Some other intercepts between the terrorists indicate that they will continue to target political workers even after the elections, the release said.


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