October 2002 News

PoK group seeks UN intervention about Taliban presence

6 October 2002
The Daily Excelsior

New Delhi: Balwaristan National Front (BNF), an organisation based in Pakistan- occupied-Kashmir (PoK), has accused the Pakistani regime of sheltering Taliban and Al-Qaeda activists in Gilgit and Baltistan areas. In a memorandum submitted to the United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan listing details of presence of Al-Qaeda activists in Gilgit and Baltistan area, chairman of BNF Abdul Hamid Khan claimed that he had confirmed information that 30 Taliban activists had entered the Dahrkoot valley of Yasen district in PoK and were being provided all facilities by a Pakistan Government official. He said Taliban forces were shifting from one district to another in the region in the garb of preachers of Islam and were being provided complete hospitality by the administration run by Pakistan, according to the memorandum, a copy of which was available here. He accused the Pakistani army and ISI of murdering foreign nationals visiting Balwaristan in PoK area and later targeting the local population for the murder. It urged the world community to exert pressure on Pakistan and bring the culprits to book, who were none other than trained terrorists and army personnel. Khan, in his memorandum, said that fanatics trained by Pakistan were involved in the killing of foreign nationals so that ''no correct report'' about the presence of Taliban and Al-Qaeda could be brought to light by them. Appealing to UN Secretary General Kofi Annan for immediate action against Pakistan, Khan said the people of the regime were living under threat because of the presence of these elements and the militant training camps run by ISI.


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