October 2002 News

Blackwill: US war on terror helped in J&K

11 October 2002
The Asian Age

New Delhi: US ambassador to India Robert D. Blackwill said on Friday that the US war against terrorism in Afghanistan had helped India as most of the camps which were engaged in training terrorists to send them to Jammu and Kashmir had been eliminated in the war. 'The war against Al Qaeda and Taliban in Afghanistan has helped India as the terrorists who were being trained at the Afghan bases for infiltration into India were either killed or ejected out. The camps were operating as incubators for terrorist attacks in Jammu and Kashmir. Now, most of these camps are holes in the ground,' he said. When asked why India should not attack Pakistan in a similar fashion as the US had attacked Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, the US ambassador to India said it was up to the Indian government to decide how to tackle the menace of cross-border terrorism.


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