October 2002 News

J&K polls last nail on APHC coffin

15 October 2002
The Pioneer

New Delhi: The assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir has thoroughly exposed the myth that the All Party Hurriyat Conference is the sole representative of the Kashmiris. Another significant development is that the people of Jammu and Kashmir, though unintentionally, questioned the propriety of ''There Is No Alternate'' factor which tried to dominate Jammu and Kashmir elections. The Hurriyat Conference leaders are forced to undergo political oblivion with no one giving any importance to these separatist groups in Jammu and Kashmir. The four-phase electioneering in three-week period almost destroyed the 12-year-long ''self-claimed supremacy'' of the Hurriyat Conference by ignoring the poll boycott call and registering a 45-48 per cent votes. In the run-up to the polls, the Hurriyat received a jolt when People''s Conference leaders showed their inclination to participate in the elections defying the decision of the Amalgam. With the tremendous success of Indian diplomacy, the Hurriyat leaders realised that they have lost the game on the international front also. US Ambassador Robert Blackwill told APHC chairman Abdul Gani Bhat that the West would not recognise the Hurriyat if it do not take part in the elections. Other countries echoed similar statements. Mr Bhat''s meetings with senior diplomats in Pakistan High Commission failed to yield any results. The Hurriyat lost its face value with the NC elections suffering a humiliating defeat. The people Jammu and Kashmir proved the allegations against the Atal Bihari Vajpayee government by the Hurriyat leaders wrong. The separatist parties termed the elections as handing over the Jammu and Kashmir to Abdullah family on a silver platter in a stage managed show.


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