October 2002 News

Governor’s rule valid for six months in Kashmir

18 October 2002
The Asian Age

Srinagar: An official communiqué issued here on Friday formally announced that Jammu and Kashmir is under the Governor’s Rule from Thursday midnight. It says governor Girish Chandra Sexana, in exercise of powers conferred to him under Section 92 of the State constitution and of all other powers and with the concurrence of the President of India, has imposed Governor’s Rule in Jammu and Kashmir from midnight of October 17, 2002. ''With that he has assumed all functions of the government of the state and all powers vested in or exercisable by anybody or authority (other than the powers vested in or exercisable by the high court),'' it adds. According to the proclamation, the Legislative Assembly constituted vide SRO 475 dated October 13, 2002 shall remain under suspended animation till such time as this proclamation is revoked or varied in this regard by a subsequent proclamation. The operation of various provisions of the state constitution, namely Section 35 to 41 (both inclusive), so much of Section 43 as relates to the allocation among ministers of offices of the government of the state, and other sections as relates to the laying of report with memorandum before the Legislature of the state have been suspended.


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