October 2002 News

Cong, PDP agree to include STF in Jammu and Kashmir police

26 October 2002
The Hindustan Times

New Delhi: Congress and PDP are understood to have agreed to include the controversial Special Task Force (STF) in the Jammu and Kashmir Police and ''screening'' of the cases of militants charged with minor crimes, the two issues on which the two parties had serious differences. Their agreement is understood to have been incorporated in the Common Minimum Programme (CMP) that has been hammered out during intense negotiations between leaders of the two parties and will be released tomorrow, sources told PTI. While the PDP in its election manifesto had promised to disband the STF, accused of ''excesses'', the Congress had not taken such an extreme position. The PDP had also favoured release of militants and as a middle path agreed with the Congress for ''screening'' that might lead to freedom for youth held in minor cases. The CMP also includes a promise ''to encourage militants to rejoin the mainstream and ensure justice according to law.'' According to the CMP, the state government would cooperate with the Centre in its attempts to restore normalcy in the militancy-torn state.


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