November 2002 News

Mufti Rules Out Trifurcation Of J-K

4 November 2002
The Indian Express

Jammu: Ruling out trifurcation of the state, the Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mufti Mohd Sayeed, on Monday said that all the three regions of the state have to flourish together and said Jammu region which has not played its due role since 1947 will now be required to play one. The time has come when its legitimate aspirations are to be fulfilled. He said no region must nurture an impression of being ignored as the coalition government is determined to provide equal opportunities of progress to all the areas. Referring to the appointment of the Deputy Chief Minister from Jammu, he said the move will go a long way in satiating the urges of the people. Sayeed said no discrimination will be made either with Ladakh or Jammu region and that collective decision was imperative to steering the state to prosperity. Sayeed mounted a veiled attack on the previous Farooq Abdullah government blaming its 'autocratic' rule for the state's ills. 'The ills of the prevailing situation lies in autocratic pattern of governance of the previous government. Under the new dispensation, the people would be masters of their destiny,' Sayeed told a rally here, his first since assuming power. Promising to address the root cause of people's disenchantment and evolve a mechanism for grievance redressal, he hinted at bringing an accountability bill that could bring in its purview persons holding high public offices from Chief Minister to down the hierarchy.


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