December 2002 News

J&K anti-terror operations to continue

10 December 2002
The Hindustan Times
Press Trust of India

New Delhi: The Army has indicated to the Government that counter terrorism operations in Jammu and Kashmir were unlikely to be affected by disbanding of Special Operations Group (SOG), the Lok Sabha was informed on Tuesday. Replying to written questions, Minister of State for Home Vidyasagar Rao said as per the address of the state Governor Girish Chander Saxena to the joint session of the assembly, the government was committed to assimilate or relocate the personnel of the SOG in the regular police force so that they were subjected to the discipline and were made accountable for their deeds. ''The Governor''s address has also indicated that the state government is fully alive to the legitimate security concerns of the state and intends to stand firm and steadfast in discharging its obligations under the constitution,'' he said. However, the Minister said ''so far no action has been taken by the state government with regard to its proposed relocation of the SOG''. Replying whether the counter- insurgency operations by the army would suffer due to disbanding of SOG, Rao said the army has indicated to government that counter terrorism operations being conducted by the army in the state ''are unlikely to be affected by this decision and would continue hitherto''.


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