December 2002 News

I cannot be a sleeping partner, Qayyum tells Musharraf

28 December 2002
The Daily Times
Staff Report

LAHORE: The president’s National Kashmir Committee Chairman Sardar Abdul Qayyum has sought guidance from President Pervez Musharraf over the inactive role of the committee, but warned him of not becoming a “sleeping partner.”In his letter to the president, Sardar Qayyum wrote, “I have been seeking guidance from the chief executive’s office and other relevant quarters about the future of the committee. Whether or not the committee will exist, and in what shape and whether or not it is required anymore; or does it have to play any proactive role. I, however, find it embarrassing to continue as a sleeping partner, nor do I want to break off suddenly.”He wrote, “Except for a few productive visits at home and abroad, the committee has nothing to offer to its credit. If this inaction has to continue for some time more the very committee becomes a question mark and the entire blame will rightly be put on me as its chairman, more so because I cannot shift or escape the blame”. He said while the movement was a revolutionary one in character, it had all along been dealt with bureaucratically, which was a great contradiction.Sardar Qayum pointed out, “I had been reminding the Afghan leaders that ‘Afghanistan might be liberated but Afghans will suffer’. That is exactly what I visualise in Kashmir. It is rather worse unless addressed scientifically and with ample wisdom.” He drew the president’s attention to the new government in occupied Kashmir, which called for a “very serious and timely attention”. He added “it had to be a multidimensional approach, from timely relief to political initiative, or else the movement might suffer a setback even on the political front. I shall be eagerly looking forward to your guidance.”He said ever since he took over as chairman of the committee he had been concerned by the defensive and reactive response.


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