February 2003 News

Tension grips Gilgit as Karachi victims dead bodies arrives

24 February 2003
News Network International

GILGIT: After years of a relative calm, tension on Monday again gripped the ethnically divided Gilgit - the business nerve of Northern Areas - with the arrival of five dead bodies of Shia worshippers shot dead in a Karachi Imambragah on Saturday. Flown by a special C-130 flight, the dead bodied of the Gilgit area dwellers were received at the airport by hundreds of charged Shia mourners. The dead bodies were driven off the airport in official ambulances amid an emotional procession through various roads. Enraged youth pelted stones at shops and tore down signboards of various offices, patrol pumps and shops. The procession passed through Kashrot, Nasim Cinema, NLI Centre, Raja Bazar and reached the central Imamia Masjied. During the course of procession, firing also took place in front of Markazi Masjid Ahl-e-Sunnat, leaving one person injured. The funeral prayers of all the victims were jointly offered after which they were dispatched to their Nagar and Jalalabad areas. Security has been stepped up with the intense FC patrolling in the city.


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