February 2003 News

Movement to continue till liberation of Kashmir: Atiq

27 February 2003
News Network International

DUBAI: Chief of Muslim Conference Sardar Atiq Ahmed Khan has said that the people of Kashmir will not bowe down before the atrocities of Indian forces and would continue to struggle for liberation of their motherland. Speaking at a gathering of expatriates Pakistanis and Kashmiris at Pakistan Centre on Thursday, he said that the people of Kashmir were not rendering sacrifices for lucrative incentive but for the cause of their right of self-determination and accession to Pakistan. The chief of Muslim Conference said that the sacrifices of innocent people of Kashmir will go vast and they will achieve goal of freedom soon. He called upon expatriate Pakistanis and Kashmiris to play an active role in highlighting brutalities of Indian occupied forces and plight of innocent people of Kashmir who were subjected to massive human rights violations. He also urged them to strive for making economy of Pakistan more strong as it was key to give matching response to any aggression by India. Sardar Atiq said the Indian regime despite using negative tactics and utilising all resources has miserably failed in changing minds of Kashmiris. He ruled out any cross-border infiltration into held Kashmir, saying that the freedom movement was indigenously launched by the people of Kashmir and there was no foreign fighter involve in it. He said that the Indian security forces were victimising innocent people of Kashmir particularly women and children under the cover of search operations against freedom fighters. He also condemned custodial killings and disappearances of innocent youths in occupied Valley. The Chief of Muslim Conference called upon the world community to take notice of massive human rights violations in held Kashmir and put pressure on India for resolving the core issue of Kashmir. He also called upon the Organisation of Islamic Countries to cut off trade and bilateral relations with India unless it was not agree to resolve Kashmir issue. - NNI


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