March 2003 News

Qayyum seeks meeting between Kashmiris on both sides of LoC

6 March 2003
News Network International

RAWALPINDI: Former prime minister of Azad Kashmir and Muslim Conference supremo Sardar Abdul Qayyum Khan Thursday stressed the need for unfettered meeting between Kashmiri leaders from both sides of the Line of Control. In an interview with a local magazine here, Qayyum said that Kashmir was internationally recognized, and its importance could not be diminished via negative Indian media blitz. 'Kashmiris through unprecedented sacrifices have made the Kashmir issue a focus of world attention,' the MC stalwart said and added the world community had now begun thinking towards it. Quyyum, referring to the Secretary of States Colin Powell's comments on Kashmir, said that Powell's stress for initiation of dialogue on Kashmir was a positive change. 'Prior to this, the US only urged improvement of relations between India and Pakistan, but now for the first time, they have stressed dialogue between the South Asian nuclear rivals on the Kashmir problem,' Qayyum observed. The former AJK premier repeated his demanded for meeting between Kashmiri leaders on both sides of he LoC. 'In the second stage all the three parties, Pakistan, India and Kashmiris, could humor out proposals for solution to the Kashmir problem.' Qayyum to a query said that no one else could have taken the steps to curb extremism in Pakistan as taken by President Musharraf. 'If unnecessary pressure is mounted on him, thing can go wrong.'


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