March 2003 News

JKLF chief for unification of Kashmir

11 March 2003
The Dawn
Our Reporter

LAHORE: Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front chairman Amanullah Khan has proposed constitution of an international committee for unification of Kashmir with the cooperation of Pakistan and Indian governments and allowing its people to decide its future. Speaking at a press conference here on Tuesday, the JKLF chairman said the committee comprising prominent world leaders should establish an independent government in Kashmir after its unification. The United Nations should then hold a referendum in the state asking the people to decide about remaining independent or merger of their state with Pakistan or India. He said the JKLF believed that a unified and free Kashmir with friendly relations with India and Pakistan was the only viable solution to the problem because neither of the two states was capable of capturing the entire territory by force. Both the countries should, therefore, concede to unification of Kashmir and allow it to exist as a friendly neighbouring state. An independent Kashmir was thus in the interest of not only the Kashmiris, but the people of Pakistan and India also.


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