March 2003 News

'India Has Given US Proof Of PoK Terrorist Camps'

13 March 2003
The Asian Age

New Delhi: India has recently shared intelligence inputs about terrorist camps functioning in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and in Pakistan with the United States. The chief of the defence intelligence agency, Lt. Gen. Kamal Davar, said it is estimated that there are about 70 such terrorist camps operating from PoK and Pakistan. He said the US had been provided evidence like communication intercepts and satellite pictures of the camps. However, senior officials said that the US has chosen not to act on the evidence, 'maybe for tactical reasons,' Lt. Gen. Davar said. Lt. Gen. Davar said the information provided had specific details about top extremist leaders in PoK, besides details of these camps. 'The Americans know about it. We have given exact training camps, photographs, telephone numbers, house numbers, everything. There is solid documentary proof offered to Pakistan and Americans,' he added. The general said that intelligence establishment in the country has been spruced. Pakistan President Gen. Pervez Musharraf promised last year to prevent further infiltration of militants from PoK to India. 'We hope that after the end of the current preoccupation of the US in Iraq, it will return to its war against terrorism,' Lt. Gen. Davar said.


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