March 2003 News

Bush knows nothing about Kashmir or S Asia: Congressman

15 March 2003
The Daily Times
Staff Report

WASHINGTON: President George Bush has no understanding of the history of Kashmir, India and Pakistan; moreover, his mind is concentrated on just Iraq to the exclusion of all else, according to a senior member of the House International Relations Committee. Sharrod Brown, an active member of the Congressional India Caucus, told the New York- based journal India Abroad in an interview published this week that the situation in Kashmir with two nuclear powers facing each other, the Middle East and the Korean peninsula posed more of a threat to a stable world than Iraq. Yet Bush had zeroed in on Iraq, while ignoring the rest. Said Brown, a Democratic congressman from Ohio, 'Bush is so focused on Iraq to the exclusion of everything else. I don't think he has any understanding personally of the history of Kashmir and India and Pakistan.' He added that compared to the world's other hot spots, Iraq was 'the least important, the least explosive of the five' - the five being, Al Qaeda, North and South Korea, India-Pakistan, Israel-Palestine and Iraq.Brown said he was afraid of the impact of the war on Iraq on Muslims around the world. He told the interviewer in answer to a question, 'I am very concerned about what this (the Iraq war) does with India and Pakistan. The anger that this is going to created in the Muslim population in India, in the Muslim population in Pakistan is of grave concern to this country. I think there's probably nothing more important than that in the Iraq fiasco.'Turning to the president, Brown said, 'Bush is an arrogant man. This administration is the most arrogant I've ever seen. He says to the whole world do it my way, you are either with us or against us on everything. Do it my way or else. I don't like it that he treats India that way. I don't like that he treats Russia that way. I don't like it that he treats Pakistan that way. I don't think that's the way to govern the wealthiest country in the world.'


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