March 2003 News

Anti-US protesters cane-charged

18 March 2003
News Network International

SRINAGAR: The police cane-charged and severely thrashed the students of Sri Pratap higher secondary school, who were demonstrating against the possible US attack on Iraq. The demonstrators torched the US flag and chanted anti-American slogans. The police intervened when the agitated students tried to force their way out of the school premises, restraining them in the campus, Greater Kashmir reported. The students called upon the Muslims countries to desist from giving any kind of military, financial and moral support to the US. Terming Bush as 'an international terrorist,' the students strongly condemned Birtian's anti Iraq policy and said the allied countries were allegedly trying to occupy the resourceful land by using force. The European countries should not support the US led war, they said. Expressing concern over the possible US led attack, they said war will prove disastrous for both the countries as they possess 'destructive weaponry.' The Muslim countries should play a pro-active role in diffusing the tension prevailing in the Gulf, said a participant. Accusing the US of dictating terms, the students urged the international community to stop Bush from waging an all-out war against the Iraq.


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