March 2003 News

Shahi Imam: Begin Jihad Against Terrorism In J&K

24 March 2003
The Asian Age

New Delhi: Shahi Imam of Delhi's historic Jama Masjid Ahmad Bukhari on Monday condemned the massacre of 24 Kashmiri pandits by terrorists and called upon Muslims to launch a jihad against terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir. 'Time has come for the Kashmiri people to stand up against the barbarism and start jihad to suppress terrorists,' the imam said in a message. Expressing anger over the killings, the imam wondered why the Central government was not taking effective steps to 'check this madness which is part of trans-border terrorism.' He said that the people of Kashmir should work in cooperation with peace and justice-loving people of the rest of India to protect their lives and property against the terrorist attacks. Commenting on US-led attack on Iraq, the imam expressed 'annoyance and anger over the criminal silence of the government of Muslim countries, especially those of Gulf countries.' He appealed to all the countries 'which respect justice and humanity that they should come forward to stop the war and genocide of Muslims and get Iraqi people free from oppression of America and Britain.' The imam said that he would picket the Kuwaiti embassy in New Delhi on Friday after the prayers 'in protest against its involvement in genocide of Iraqi people.'


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