March 2003 News

FO adds to FM's comments on Kashmir massacre

31 March 2003
The Daily Times

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Minister Khurshid Mahmood Kasuri told his French counterpart Dominique de Villepin that Pakistan always condemned attacks against innocent civilians and had in the past offered to the Indian government to hold joint investigations into all such terrorist acts.'Regrettably, India always rejected such offers of Pakistan,' he told Mr Dominique during a telephonic conversation over the weekend as quoted by a foreign office spokesman here Monday. The spokesman said that the French foreign minister had called up Mr Kasuri. While describing as incomplete the reports published earlier about their talk, the spokesman said Mr Kasuri, while condemning the attack on innocent Kashmiris in Chatinsingpura on March 24, had deplored that India blamed Pakistan for the attack. 'Mr Kasuri had noted that the investigations carried out by Indian organizations had concluded renegade Indian elements responsible for the massacre, but the Indian government accused Pakistan.' The French minister was told that such acts were not in the interests of Pakistan. These were carried out with a motive to malign the image of Pakistan and the freedom struggle in Kashmir, the spokesman said, adding the French minister was also proposal a neutral and impartial investigations into the incident. Mr Kasuri had mentioned of Pakistan's offers, turned down by India, for a composite dialogue to resolve all the outstanding issues. -Staff Report


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