April 2003 News

There's Increasing Evidence Of Infiltration: UK

3 April 2003
The Times of India

New Delhi: Britain has voiced grave concern over the 'increasing evidence' of infiltration across the Line of Control (LoC) from Pakistan and said it wanted to see Islamabad 'encouraging' an end to all kinds of militant and terrorist operations in Jammu and Kashmir. In an interview to Doordarshan's World View programme, British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said the joint statement by him and US Secretary of State Colin Powell from Camp David was issued 'because of our grave concern about increasing evidence of infiltration, across LoC from Pakistan, to India'. He also referred to 'recent terrible atrocities' which led to massacre of many women, children and men in certain parts of J&K. 'So we are calling on the Pakistani Government to do everything it can to stop infiltration and we want to see it encouraging an end to all kinds of militant and terrorist operations in Jammu and Kashmir whether they are operated from Indian or Pakistani side of the border. 'Along with that we want to see the beginning of a political process so that we can get into a stage where both sides of the LoC...J and K on the Indian side and the so- called Azad Kashmir on the Pakistani side...the people of both sides can live in peace and harmony,' Straw said. Asked about the response from China on putting pressure on Pakistan to stop terrorism, Straw said during a recent conversation, the Chinese foreign minister had assured him that Beijing would do anything to reduce tension across the LoC, he said. On the post-war Iraq, Straw said 'the military coalition will initially fill in the vacuum left by the absence of Saddam Hussein but would swiftly pave the way for installation of a civilian government run by Iraqi people. 'But we and the Americans want to move very swiftly from what amounts to a military situation to a situation in which there is a civilian government which is owned and run by the Iraqi people because the purpose of this military campaign is to rid Iraq of its weapons of mass destruction. We have to do that now by removing the (present) Iraqi regime and to give Iraq back to its people,' he said.


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