April 2003 News

Killing Of Hindus Part Of Jehad, Says Lashkar

12 April 2003
The Times of India

New Delhi: Chief of Pakistan-based Lashker-e-Taiba (LeT) Hafiz Saeed has said that killing of Hindus was a part of their jehad (armed crusade) against India, reports Pakistani media. In an interview to Pakistani weekly 'The Friday Times', Saeed, in reply to a question as to why he should not lay down arms and talk, said, 'The solution is not to bow before India and beg for dialogue... Our policy in Kashmir is studied and measured. They only understand the language of jehad. We have no choice but to respond by killing Hindus...' Notably, the statement from Saeed comes close on the heels of claims by the Jammu and Kashmir Director General of Police A K Suri that Lashkar was behind the killing of 24 Hindus in Nadimarg in south Kashmir on March 25. Asked about the greatest threat faced by the world, he said, 'We must fight against the evil trio of America, Israel and India... the need for jehad against India is paramount.' The Lashkar chief also defended the menace of suicide attacks saying, 'Suicide missions are in accordance with Islam. In fact, a suicide attack is the best form of jehad.' He also claimed that all Parliament members of Pakistan supported jehad. However, taking a dig at the Pakistani regime, he said, 'They are taking instructions from foreign powers and have made a mockery of the state's sovereignty.' Asked why the Muslim world could do nothing for Iraq, he said, 'Ideally, Pakistan government should mobilise troops and fight against invaders. Pakistan could even ferry missiles and nuclear bombs to Saddam Hussein so he could use them to protect Iraq.'


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