April 2003 News

Kashmir issue could trigger big war: Sultan

16 April 2003
News Network International

KHOI RATTA: Former Azad Kashmir premier and opposition leader in the AJK Lagislative Assembly Barrister Sultan Mehmood Wednesday said the unresolved Kashmir problem could trigger a catastophic war in the South Asian region. He condemned Indian atrocities in Occupied Kashmir and its arrogance and threats agaisnt Pakistan. 'People of Azad Kashmir and Pakistan will teach India an unforgetable lession if dared any misadventure,' he said while talking to reporters here at a wedding ceremony. The forme AJK prime minister reiterated that the sacrifices offered by 90 thousand Kashmiris for their motherland will never go waste and that brutal Indian forces would have to quit Occupied Kashmir. Sultan also criticized the current Azad Kashmir government, saying it was resorting to plunder funds at the base camp of Azad Kashmir.


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