April 2003 News

Pak's Failure To End J&K Infiltration Vexes US

17 April 2003
The Hindustan Times

New Delhi: The United States on Thursday night expressed disappointment over Pakistan's failure to stop cross border infiltration in Jammu and Kashmir and said its relations with Islamabad 'would not improve beyond a certain point till this issue was adequately addressed.' 'The United States has, for some time, urged the Pakistani government to stop all infiltration across the Line of Control. To be honest, we have not succeeded and we are disappointed and frustrated with that reality,' Richard Haass, director of Policy Planning US State Department told Indian television channels in a video conference from Washington on Thursday. 'It's simply a fact of life for the Pakistanis that our relationship with them will never improve beyond a certain point unless this issue is adequately addressed,' he said, adding 'it will continue to be a major diplomatic reality for the United States. 'You'll see visitors from the US going to Pakistan in the near future. This (infiltration) will be high on their agenda' Haass said.


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