April 2003 News

Cross-border Infiltration From Pakistan Has Risen: CRS

19 April 2003
The Hindustan Times

Washington DC: Cross-border terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir has risen 'sharply' in March, a trend expected to continue with increasing infiltration from Pakistan, the US Congressional Research Service has said, stressing that new terrorist crimes have rekindled fears of an India-Pakistan conflict. Levels of violence in Kashmir increased sharply in March, and it is 'a trend that may continue with a spring thaw and ensuing terrorist infiltration across the Line of Control,' said the CRS, a group that advises members of the US Congress. Combined with a serious diplomatic row between New Delhi and Islamabad in February, said CRS, the 'new terrorist incidents have rekindled fears of direct conflict between South Asia's nuclear-armed neighbours.' India appears frustrated by the 'perceived US double standard' in the war against terror, the group said in its India Report issued on April 8. 'New Delhi appears increasingly frustrated by a perceived US 'double- standard' in 'rewarding terrorism' by providing large amounts of aid to Pakistan.' 'Indian leaders,' it said, 'find US calls for renewed India-Pakistan dialogue 'inappropriate' in light of the 'heinous terrorist crimes that have occurred' in Kashmir. It also noted that the Indian government has called the US-led war in Iraq 'unjustified' and 'avoidable.' 'Opposition parties, including Indian National Congress, have been more forceful in their criticism. Public opinion polls indicate that up to 90 per cent of Indians disapprove of the 'unilateral' US action.'


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