April 2003 News

JKLF EC fully supports Abbas Butt, Dr Shabir Choudhry

20 April 2003
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BIRMINGHAM: After split in JKLF ranks in Srinagar and subsequent news items that JKLF President Abbas Butt and Chairman Diplomatic Committee Dr Shabir Choudhry were expelled, urgent meeting of the Executive Council was called in Birmingham, England. The Executive Council meeting was presided over by Abbas Butt, who gave full back ground to the events, and what had happened at Geneva after interventions; and how some people known as officials and 'mouth piece' of these officials approached. The Executive Council examined the whole situation and after detailed discussion unanimously declared that it has full confidence in Abbas Butt as the President and in Dr Shabir Choudhry as the Chairman Diplomatic Committee; and that both leaders would continue in their respective positions until there is an election in UK & Europe which could take place between July 2003 and July 2005. The Council further examined that individual concerned, Farooq Papa, who ordered the expulsion of Abbas Butt and Shabbir Chaudhry, had no legal, constitutional or moral role in this matter. Members of JKLF UK and Europe could only be expelled either by the President or Central Committee; again after making a charge sheet against the person concerned and after giving him full right of defense. Every decision has to be taken legally and constitutionally, and not even the Chairman or any of his colleagues have this right to expel. If he has a valid complaint against a member, then he could ask the President or Central Committee to look in to the matter and take appropriate action according to the laws of the party. No individual is above the law and no individual has a right to impose his will on the party and behave like a dictator. We have opposed illegal and unconstitutional measures which damaged the party and nationalist movement in the past and we would do it again, the Executive Council meeting noted. The Executive Council said that there is no such thing as a Revolutionary Supreme Command Council in the JKLF. This body ended when the JKLF declared to end armed struggle and concentrate on peaceful struggle. With end to armed struggle resulted in termination of all Commanders, their Chiefs, command and control. So it is amazing for us to hear of this obsolete body. The Executive Council reiterated its stand that the JKLF is a democratic organisation with its roots in the public, and democratic values embedded in history and tradition; and would not be a party to any undemocratic move in the party, be it related to passing the constitution or expulsion of any member. That the expulsion of Majid Tramboo by Abbas Butt was legal and constitutional, and the Executive Council upholds this decision as the person concerned was given many warnings in the past and had actively and consistently worked against JKLF ideology and party leadership. Furthermore the person concerned did not pay his monthly subscription and despite reminders refused to pay his membership fee. That the Executive Council expressed its deep disappointment in the JKLF crises which initially started in the split of the party in Srinagar, where some senior members like Iqbal Gandroo and Saleem Nana Jee levelled serious allegations against the senior leadership. The Executive Council would like to play a role in resolving these problems and has established a fact finding Committee under Councillor Nazam Bhatti. This Committee will investigate these allegations and also examine role of those individuals who tried to instigate a revolt against an elected President of JKLF UK & Europe, and submit its findings to the Central Committee. The Central Committee will, after carefully examining this report, take appropriate decisions and decide future course of action. That the Executive Council thank all those individuals and Office Bearers in Azad Kashmir and Pakistan Zone, North America Zone, Kashmir Zone and Europe who have expressed their support in our fight against illegal and unconstitutional measurers; and expressed their desire to mediate in this matter. Executive Council assures friends and supporters that we do not want to harm national interest of the party and the Movement, and would welcome any compromised formula, which is based on justice and is not unconstitutional. And for this purpose the Executive Council has appointed Secretary General Zubbair Ansari as a mediator on behalf of JKLF UK & Europe; and would request all those with compromised formulas to contact him. That the Executive Council has looked at the IKA's 'Geneva Declaration' and its programme, and has not found anything, which contradicts with the JKLF constitution or ideology; therefore it finds no reason to oppose this Alliance or instruct Dr Shabir Choudhry or Asim Mirza to withdraw from it. The position of Abbas Butt is in his capacity as a professional accountant; and he can render his professional service to any organisation or individual who needs it, and who is prepared to pay his due fee. That the Executive Council has expressed its surprise on the news that three individuals from JKLF UK & Europe will represent in the Supreme Council. In the New York Summit it was decided that the Central constitution and other organs would be set up within eight weeks, as that did not happen, and after two years most of the decisions of the Summit have lost their relevance and importance. As yet there are no JKLF Zones in Jammu and Ladakh, no representation from there and no representation from Azad Kashmir, in other words there is no Supreme Council and no question of any representation from UK & Europe. In any case we have not, as to date, seen Minutes of the New York Summit or a copy of the constitution, so how could we 'rubber stamp' it.


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