April 2003 News

Pak Continues To Support Terror Groups In J&K: CIA

23 April 2003
The Times of India

Washington DC: A warning by the CIA that Pakistan continues to support terrorist groups in Jammu and Kashmir and that the cycles of tension between India and Pakistan are growing shorter forms the backdrop of the forthcoming visit of US Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage to India and Pakistan. 'Pakistan continues to support groups that resist India's presence in Kashmir in an effort to bring India to the negotiating table,' CIA Director George Tenet said in a recent speech before the Senate Intelligence Committee. The speech is now on the CIA website. He said even though India's recent military redeployment away from the border reduced the danger of imminent war, the underlying cause of tension is unchanged. 'The cycles of tension between India and Pakistan are growing sorter. 'Indian frustration with continued terrorist attacks, most of which it attributes to Pakistan, causes New Delhi to reject any suggestion that it resume a dialogue with Islamabad,' Tenet said. Without progress on resolving Indo-Pakistan differences, said Tenet, 'any dramatic provocation- like 2001's terrorist attack on the Indian Parliament by Kashmir militants-runs a high risk of sparking another major military deployment.' Armitage is expected to visit India and Pakistan shortly. In the same speech, Tenet said that Chinese firms 'remain key suppliers of ballistic- and Cruise missile-related technologies to Pakistan, Iran and several other countries.' Tenet also said that India and Pakistan continued to develop and produce nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them. He praised India and China in the context of globalisation, which may also figure during the Armitage visit. Tenet said that while globalisation is a profoundly disruptive force for governments to manage, China and India 'have substantially embraced it and retooled sectors to harness it to national ends, although in other countries it is an onsought reality that simply imposes itself on society.' Tenet included Afghanistan, Pakistan, Haiti, Iraq, Yemen and several nations in Sub-Saharan Africa among 'the world's poorest and often most politically unstable countries with the youngest populations in the world through 2020.'


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