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USA is not sincere about Pakistan: Kashmiri Analyst

27 April 2003
News Network International

ISLAMABAD: A Kashmiri analyst has disclosed that the America can manipulate reasons to attack any country even Pakistan it wishes after the wars waged against Afghanistan and Iraq. An Islamabad based Kashmiri analyst Abdul Latif who is also head of Kashmir -International Research Centre has analyzed in its research column under the title 'Kashmir, Pakistan and US designs' published in Kashmir Images an English daily of Srinagar, Indian Held Kashmir that circumstantial evidences prove that USA is not sincere about Pakistan. According to the analysis there are so many reasons behind this theory, which the analyst has classified as, Strategic importance of the geography of Pakistan and Kashmir against the China, Threat of an Islamic Atomic Country, To deprive China of a close ally, To create hurdles between Indo-Pak on the settlement of Kashmir with the aim; It could easily interfere in the Kashmir issue, and, Continuation of tension between Indo-Pak, To strengthen the friendship between Israel and India with the aim, To distance India from Russia and China and to hinder Sino- Indo-Russia alliance and, To use Indo-Israel co-ordination as a threat against Pakistan while remaining itself neutral. USA has given many indications to add Pakistan in the list of 'axis of evil' after Syria, North Korea and Iran. The clear-cut sanctions imposed on KRL and the blame of getting the missile technology in exchange of nuclear capability are the signals from America, which indicate America's intentions. Pakistan is still optimistic that USA would not touch it as being a close ally in its fight against terrorism. America also needs the friendship of Pakistan in the name of war against terrorism till it tackles militarily other countries for which it has already fixed its priorities. According to the analyst that the America can manipulate reasons to attack any country it wishes. Time has proved that the wars waged against Afghanistan and Iraq were not restricted for what purpose these were started instead had a bigger agenda of realizing American own interests in terms of political, strategic, diplomatic and economical fields. He urged that Pakistan should get prepared and formalize the war strategy in advance against any aggression while analyzing the war strategy of America adopted in Afghanistan and Iraq. The analyst explained the likely war strategy of America against Pakistan as; usage of modern technology in pattern of Afghanistan and Iraq. To strengthen the anti- national and separatists in pattern of Northern Alliance and Kurds and other opposition leadership. Giving twist to infighting on religious and ethnic basis. Using the territories of Afghanistan and Iraq in case Arab countries does not support war against Pakistan. In the analysis the Analyst also through out the light on America's interest in Kashmir and elaborated how America would interfere in this issue for its own interests; To deploy the troops for monitoring LOC, To deploy the troops for changing the LOC into International border, To create uprising of the anti -Pakistan elements and in this context supporting the leaders like Hashim Quraishi who want to end the violence and involving other leaders like Mufti Sayeed and other anti-struggle elements. Involvement of The Kashmir Study Group (KSG), working with the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington with a key role to the Kashmiri based American Farooq Kathwari, chairman of KSG as they have recently emphasized the need to uplift the economy, health and educational facilities of the Kashmir region which have been devastated due to the conflict. Seperating Ladakh and Jammu on the basis of religion, Giving importance to the rights of 3 % Kashmiri Hindus better known as pandits, In perspective of Afghanistan and Iraq war defending the regional interests by changing the Kashmir into Geneva Model Diplomatic Centre. The writer is of the opinion that it would be a risky step for Pakistan to seek the intervention of today's USA into the dispute of Kashmir whose hand is soaked in the blood of Iraqis and Afghans. He suggested need of the hour is to establish some other institutions other than Kashmir American Council like Kashmir Arab Council, Kashmir China Council and Kashmir Europe Council etc. Criticizing the role of UNO the analyst says that the silence of Mr. Kofi Anan has made the very institution of UN as very controversial. Although he failed to stop the war but the UN Secretary General has still a role to play and use his powers as world watch-dog. Otherwise this institution would be looked down upon as an extension of US administration. If the Secretary General fails to deliver, he should simply step down and save the prestige of this world body. That in a situation when the UNO looses its credibility the rule of might is right will prevail which would provide a license for America to kill innocent people, brutalize societies and invade countries. He urged other countries like China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, and Syria that they should also analyze the USA's war strategy as they are facing a threat from the same enemy.


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