May 2003 News

No UNSC meeting on Kashmir this month

2 May 2003
The News International

UNITED NATIONS: The UN Security Council has scheduled no meetings on Kashmir this month, Pakistan's ambassador to the United Nations, Munir Akram, said after chairing his first session as council president on Friday.Speaking to reporters, Akram did not explain why Kashmir was not on the council's agenda. Akram said that he had scheduled a public meeting on March 13 on the role of the council in the pacific settlement of disputes, but said it was not specifically about the 55-year-old conflict over Kashmir.'The meeting will cover existing disputes and future disputes,' he said and added 'Every time Pakistan speaks in the council on peace and security, we speak about Kashmir and we will continue to do so in our national capacity. But as council president we will act with utmost impartiality.'Akram acknowledged that his country's relations with India 'are, to put it mildly, difficult.' But 'we are heartened by the recent moves that have been made by both sides to normalise the situation,' he said.


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