May 2003 News

Pakistan Not To Be Forced To Accept Indian Agenda: Sardar Qayyum

7 May 2003
News Network International

Rawalpindi: The AJK former Prime Minister Sardar Abdul Qayyum Khan has said that Pakistan could not be forced to accept the Indian agenda and the negotiations should be made conditional with the security and integrity of Pakistan by not compromising on the core issue of Kashmir. 'It should be made clear to the visiting US Deputy Secretary of State, Mr. Armitage that no step would be taken against the public opinion and in the larger interest of country', he said. In a statement issued here Wednesday, he said that all the Indian suggestions should be put aside and the core issue of Kashmir should be given priority as the Kashmiris are fighting against the occupation forces to get their legitimate right of self- determination. It is unfortunate that all the accords in the past were signed under immense pressure that is why they could serve the purpose and remained in the files, former chairman of Kashmir Committee. He urged the politicians to shun their differences and join hands and make sincere efforts to resolve the long standing issue of Kashmir.


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