May 2003 News

No UN Resolutions On Kashmir, Pak Tells US

12 May 2003
The Times of India

Islamabad: While making cautious moves to normalise relations with India, Pakistan has assured the US that it would not insist on UN resolutions on Kashmir and choke cross-border infiltration by rolling back militant camps, a local newspaper reported on Monday. Quoting an unnamed senior Pakistani official, The Nation said that 'both goodwill gifts' were delivered through US Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage to the Indian leadership during his recent visit to the two countries. The report said Pakistan and India were inching towards reaching an understanding to 'freeze' the Kashmir issue, scale down military tensions and focus more on improving trade, transport and diplomatic ties. Islamabad's approach has a tacit approval of China, which was persuading Pakistani leaders to 'freeze' the Kashmir issue and focus more on economic development as it did with India, the official said. Though there was no indication yet here that Pakistan has given such far-reaching commitments to Armitage, the paper quoted a senior leader of ruling pro-military Pakistan Muslim League-Q (PML-Q) as saying that by conceding so much ground to India at the first stage, Islamabad actually retreated to its February 1999 position when Prime Ministers Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Nawaz Sharif signed the Lahore Accord. 'The diplomatic disaster for Pakistan is that India has lost nothing in the process but Pakistan's stand on jihad in Kashmir has weakened following the 9-11 terror attacks and it also lost goodwill among the Indian masses and the government created by the Lahore accord,' he said.


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