May 2003 News

LeT Push For Dress Code, Shariah In Kashmir

13 May 2003
The Statesman

Jammu: After the failure of lesser-known terrorist group Lashkar-e-Jabbar, dreaded terrorist group Lashkar-e-Taiyaba has now decided to enforce a dress code in Jammu & Kashmir. It has also asked Kashmiris to adopt shariah laws. Top-placed security officials based in Kashmir said that LeT's offshoot shariah-e-Nefazi-Islami (SNI) had asked Kashmiri girls to follow a dress code, according to the shariah. They have also asked shopkeepers in Kashmir to adopt Sunniat and shariah. They ordered owners of beauty parlours to down shutters. Sources said they have information about Lashkar-e-Taiyaba floating the shariah-e-Nefazi-Islami group for implementing shariah laws in Kashmir. After Kashmir, they would force people in the Jammu region to implement these laws, they added. The group has asked Kashmiri girls to not adopt western culture or even get impressed by it. They have been asked to adhere strictly to the Islamic dress code, including the wearing of burqas. The dress code will be effective from 15 May. From that date onwards, the group will target those who do not follow these rules, said the sources. Junaid-ul-Islam, the chief (Amiri-alla), shariah-e-Nefazi-Islami, was also quoted as saying that growing waywardness and moral degradation among young girls was a matter of concern. He said, see-through dresses, jeans and shorts dresses were alien to Kashmiri culture, and would not be tolerated. He held parents responsible for the 'obscene' dresses, adding that parents often encouraged their daughters to imitate Western culture. Threatening to come down heavily on those girls and people who have adopted western culture, the SNI has asked tailors to not make see-through dresses.


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