May 2003 News

Pak MPs Meet Kashmir Committee Members

15 May 2003
The Times of India

New Delhi: The Kashmir Committee and the visiting delegation of Pakistan MPs on Thursday agreed that notwithstanding the stalemate on Kashmir problem, other outstanding issues between India and Pakistan should be resolved at the earliest. Kashmir Committee Chairman Ram Jethmalani told PTI soon after the meeting that both the countries must take steps for opening of the Line of Control for the purpose of interaction between the people on the two sides of Kashmir. 'This will also facilitate re-union of divided families,' he said, adding 'we agreed that steps must be taken immediately to ease the tension and create atmosphere for meaningful talks.' The delegation told the Committee that its Pakistani counterpart, comprising of MPs and other dignitaries, would soon be formed and steps taken to arrange meetings of the two committees. 'It was unanimously felt that now is a propitious time for settling the dispute and every effort should be made not to let the opportunity slip by,' Jethmalani said. The two sides also discussed putting into practice the Sino-Indian model of trade relations despite disagreement on the boundary line between India and Pakistan.


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