May 2003 News

Militants Will Have To Accept Ceasefire: Pak Lawmakers

16 May 2003
The Times of India

New Delhi: Happy over their week long trip to India, Pakistani lawmakers have made it clear that militants in their country would be left with no option but to accept the ceasefire if India and Pakistan continue to have increased people-to-people interaction. 'They (militant leaders) will have no other chance than to accept a ceasefire if the talks between India and Pakistan make some headway and there is increased contact between people of the two countries,' the leader of 12-member Pakistani MPs Ishaq Khan Khakwani told PTI last night. Khakwani, who came to India on May eight through Wagah border, said that his group would be submitting a detailed report to their Prime Minister Mir Zaffarullah Khan Jamali. The delegation, which came to India on the invitation of Pakistan-India Peoples' Forum for Peace and Democracy, would be crossing over to Pakistan later tonight. This reaction came in reply to a question whether he was upset over the rejection of ceasefire offer in Jammu and Kashmir by militant groups including Hizbul Mujahideen. Asked about their experience in the country, he said 'it has been wonderful and I hope that a Parliamentarian delegation will also come from India to Pakistan.' '...the more we have people-to-people contact, the more we will be able to thrash out our differences and work for peace,' Khakwani said.


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