May 2003 News

Tackle Terror In J&K On Your Own: Jamali To India

21 May 2003
The Times of India

Islamabad: Pakistani Prime Minister Zafarullah Khan Jamali says cross-border incursions in Jammu and Kashmir are outside Pakistan's purview and it is for India to utilise its vast resources to deal with the problem. 'Pakistan has made efforts (to stop cross border incursions by militants). But a movement is on which is outside our purview. We can try to rein them in, make them understand. We don't have control over them,' he said. 'You have much more available resources; so in that context I would expect India to be more firm in their borders and give us a chance so we can be a helping hand in the betterment of humanity,' Jamali said in an interview telecast on Doordarshan television. Jamali said: 'They (militants) are already in (your area)... we must realise whose responsibility is what and once we earnestly and honestly realise this, only after that things will start falling in the right places. 'But rest assured, I have said this before, I am saying this today we have never encouraged these things. We will keep on discouraging. We have done our best but of course we have limited resources,' he added. He said this was Pakistan's policy and President Pervez Musharraf had also stated it. 'Let there be no doubt about it at all. God forbid if there is a fault in Pakistan I will say 'yes.' (When) we say there is no fault, one must believe us. There is no question of giving double-edged or double-faced statements,' he added. To a question about a possible solution to the Kashmir issue, Jamali said it had to be 'mentally and morally acceptable to the parties concerned. 'Only then, you can come towards a decision. The people of India and Pakistan have suffered a lot. It's time the governments of both countries realise and take steps' in the interest of future generations, he said. Already two generations had suffered from it and future generations should not be made to suffer, he said. The 'demand of the circumstances and conditions' would compel the two countries to resolve all outstanding issues, including the 'core issue of Kashmir', he added. He said India and Pakistan had many things to 'put under the carpet' so that they could be seen as a 'compact block.' 'One must see eye-to-eye. One must have a sense and feeling that we stand together as far as the region is concerned. And that can be done only if we are at good relations with each other,' the Pakistan PM said. Jamali said he was very confident that the current peace initiative 'will work out.' He said he hoped to visit India. 'I think the circumstances will call for a visit. And there will be no reservations.' Asked what would be the venue if Vajpayee were invited to visit Pakistan for talks, Jamali said preference would be given to places he had not seen. 'And coincidentally I belong to the same area which he hasn't seen - Baluchistan.'


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