May 2003 News

Qayyum Links Kashmir Division To Indian Approval

22 May 2003
News Network International

Islamabad: Former Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir Sardar Abdul Qayyum Khan has said that no suggestion on Kashmir could be termed as reasonable without Indian support. Talking to BBC, the supreme head of Muslim Conference, referring to the Kashmir's division theory of AJK Premier Sardar Sikandar Hayat Khan, said that entire India was divided on religious lines, but if India is not ready to propose it, then it is useless. 'And if it proposes, the Kashmir division plan must be presented before the Kashmiri leadership on both sides of the Line of Control,' Qayyum added. He said that all the Hindu and Muslim leaders may sit together; and if they collectively decide to divide Kashmir then they should do it. 'But if they don't want Kashmir's partition, the division should not be imposed on them.' 'For instance, one suggestion is that Kashmir should be independent; another is that some areas be given to Pakistan and some should go to India, while some parts of the Valley be given autonomy,' he continued. One proposal is this that the LoC be made permanent border between India and Pakistan. 'There are many proposals, may be six, seven or eight, but they are meaningless, until New Delhi agrees to one of them.'


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