May 2003 News

No Change In Muslim Conference Policy On Kashmir: Ateeq

24 May 2003
News Network International

Rawalpindi: AJK Muslim Conference President Sardar Ateeq Ahmed Khan has said that the views on partition expressed by Prime Minister Sikander Hayat Khan had nothing to do with the policy of the party. He said in fact the Muslim Conference considered the Prime Minister's 'Chenab Formula' a suicide attempt. Speaking to the Party leaders and workers at the Muslim Conference's main Secretariat in Rawalpindi, Sardar Ateeq Ahmed Khan pacified those present by re- iterating the party's position that the Kashmir issue could only be resolved in accordance with the UN Security Council resolutions. He said that the Muslim Conference steadfastly maintained this stance and criticized the Prime Minister for straying away from the official position. Sardar Ateeq said that any new proposal had to come from Indian side and that no foreign power could force a solution of Kashmiris, since this right was reserved with the people and leadership of Kashmir.


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